Glow-in-the-dark tick collar


Our glow-in-the-dark tick collars are the perfect addition to your dogs adventure gear.

The beads are made out of non toxic silicone and we combine those with EM beads to help prevent ticks.

EM-X ceramic is ceramic baked from clay fermented with EM (Effective Microorganisms). There are no known side effects when using EM technology. EM technology is suitable for both humans and 



- Teal

- Lilac 

- Yellow


Measure your dog's neck and pick the size that best fits your dog's measurements. When in doubt order a size up.

  • Xsmall > 20 - 30cm
  • Small  > 30 - 40cm 
  • Medium > 40 - 50cm
  • Large > 50 - 60cm 
  • XLarge > 60- 70cm

If you need a smaller or bigger size please contact us on instagram

Hardware colours

  • Silver
  • Gold (+ €2,00 )


please understand that the glow-in-the-dark beads need to charge before they glow. This means that they need UV light for + 24h before they will glow