Sierra Nevada Inspired: Nature's Palette Collection

Where Nature & Style Merge


Be inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the Sierra Nevada with our latest collection of handmade dog collars.

This collection is my way of sharing the beauty of the Sierra Nevada with you and your pets. It's like a piece of nature's art that your dog can wear.


In collaboration with The Tag Factory, we bring nature directly into your pet's wardrobe.

Let's share a bit more about The Tag Factory

In Collaboration With The Tag Factory

The perfect synergy of craftsmanship and style.

The Tag Factory is renowned for its unique tags, made to your specifications. I showed them my inspirational images for this collection and they immediately knew what they needed to do to bring my idea to life.

Together we present a collection that embodies the essence of adventure and natural beauty.

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Meet Our Models


Our Sierra Nevada Collection comes to life thanks to our fantastic models.

Each with their own story, they embody the spirit of adventure and individuality that our collection radiates.


Meet our stunning models, each bringing to life every piece in the collection.

Christina and Cloud


Christina is 41 and lives with her husband, son and Cloud in Limburg.

Cloud is 2 years and 7 months and loves to run around in the woods and play with friends. He is a real labrador because as soon as there is water he wants to go in. Food is his biggest hobby.

I like to be creative with Cloud's food and bake cookies for him and his friends on a regular basis.

Chelsey and Eros


Eros is a Samoyed born in November 2021. He is a real sweet white fluff.


He likes nothing better than to come and cuddle and ask for attention. Besides that, walking and sprinting is his favorite pastime.


I was born in 1995 and am a nurse by profession. In my spare time I spend as much time as possible with my 2 dogs and love to take pictures of them!

Nayomie and Zhiva


Zhiva is a 3-year-old former German shepherd. With her gray colored coat, she is like a magic ball at times.


Zhiva enjoys going on adventures, discovering new places and then resting at home. In addition, it is a dog that likes to work for you, especially when it comes to tracking.

But at the end of the day, she prefers to lay against you and fall asleep, a real teddy bear.

Marthe, Kaya and Lilo


Kaya is a blue merle border collie born on 27/11/23 and we adopted Lilo as a kitten the same period Kaya came home.


They are already best friends and love to go on adventures together.

They are both really curious and aren’t afraid of new things with we love.


If you would like to follow our adventures definitely go take a look at our instagram @wandering.kaya