Tundrada © x Wølv - Christmas edition


Get yourself a one of a kind Tundrada © x Wølv collar - Christmas edition ♥️ 

Eline will create a stunning northern lights scenery on her unique KURU antler tags. You will be able to pick between any of our brown base color and a perfectly matching braid color 

Create your dream collar with an breathtaking Tundrada © name tag attached, best of both worlds.

Eline Will create a unique custom scenery on a KURU antler tag,  guaranteed to be a perfect match with the colors you selected for the collar.


Material collar: 100% BioThane® (About BioThane®)

Material tag: ethnically sourced reindeer antler

Width: 16mm (0.63") , 19mm (0.75") or 25mm ( 1" ) 

Weight: +/- 90gr for 16mm (0.63") ,+/- 160gr for 19mm (0,75") , +/- 300gr for 25mm (1") 



Pick what colours you want in the dropdown menus.


Measure your dog's neck and pick the size that best fits your dog's measurements. When in doubt order a size up.

  • XSmall > 26 - 34cm ( 10.2 - 16.5" )
  • Small  > 34 - 42cm ( 13.4" - 16.5" )
  • Medium > 40 - 48cm ( 15.8" - 18.9" )
  • Large > 46 - 54cm ( 18.1" - 21.3" )
  • XLarge > 52 - 60cm ( 20.5" - 23.6" )

If you need a smaller or bigger size please contact us on instagram www.instagram.com/@wolv__collars

Hardware colours

choose from:

  • Silver (Steel nickle plated )
  • Gold +€5,00 (Brass)


Eline and Sharon will simultaneously work on both the tag and collar but keep in mind that Eline has to ship the tags from Finland to Belgium and this might take up to an extra week. Upon arrival Sharon will notify you and put together your unique collar for shipment

Processing time will vary but we promise to have your collar delivered before Christmas 

Antler pieces for the 16mm collar may be a bit wider than the collar but this will in no way affect the comfort of our collar or cause discomfort for your dog.