Custom 2x Adjustable Leash


Material: 100% BioThane® (About BioThane®)

Width: 16mm (0,63") or 19mm (0.75")

Length: Adjustable (2 rings) from 90cm to 150cm (35,4" to 59")

Weight: +/- 220gr

Suitable: Will hold small to medium sized dogs. Please consider your dog his/her leash training.


Pick what colours you want in the dropdown menus. 

If you want the leash to be 1 color please select the same color for the base and braid option

Hardware colours

choose from:

  • Silver (Steel nickle plated)
  • Black (Steel black plated)
  • Rose gold +€1,00 ( Steel rose plated)
  • Gold +€3,00 (Brass)


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