6-8 week turn around

Wølv it forward - Our way of helping fluffs around the world in need


If you have any questions about this initiative, feel free to contact me!

For our first good cause we chose Garden of Narnia



We are Isabelle and Hilde, 2 school friends with a heart for dogs and the women behind Garden of Narnia.

Our mean goal was to offer a permanent stay for senior dogs or dogs that due to circumstances couldn't stay with their owners anymore. We wanted to offer all those dogs a warm and loving home, our pack of "greynoses".


Soon we received requests to take in trauma dogs ,  even though those aren't typically older dogs we wanted to help them as well and give them a place where they would be safe. Next to our "greynoses" we are also a shelter, a little bit different to other shelters is the fact that all of our dogs live among us.

They live in our yard, they sleep with us, they are our little fur babies.


We focus on medium to large dogs because in our experience those are the dogs less likely to get adopted. We have a strict no-kill policy , unless the dog is clearly in pain and all other options have been discussed with our vet.


You can imagine taking care of older dogs also has it's costs. Sometimes even a surgery is necessary and we are lucky that some of our dogs have their own 'godmother or godfather' 

If one of our beloved "greynoses" comes to pass away we make sure that they have a forever spot in our home so we always remember them.


For those who want to follow our journey feel free to connect with us on facebook or instagram.

This is a collaboration with Opti-life ( Versele-Laga ).

They will donate an amount of food to Garden of Narnia and match a certain amount of the money we raised.