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Dream collars

Let our models inspire you.

We present to you our  'models dream collars'

All modelaccounts are tagged in the picture so feel free to contact them at any time if you want some help or advice.

Ofcourse I am also available for advice .

Have fun exploring

Bones' dream collar



Tamara went with a standard combo collar.

Very classy with gold and dark brown biothane combined with gold hardware.


We are a huge fan, how about you?



Nimród's dream collar



Rebeka also went with a standard combo collar.

Using orange and grey biothane combined with black hardware.


We love this style for fall, and you?

Aika's 'red mountains' collar



Julie named her collar  'red mountains' and we couldn't agree more.

This red and medium brown intertwined collar is looking fabulous combined with the gold hardware, a true show stopper.


Would you wear this collar?

Cora's dream collar



Veronica went with a colorful option, which is typically her style and I love that about her!

This purple and neon green intertwined collar with light pink rhinestones is not something I would come up with but it works so well!


How do you feel about colorful options?

Hera's dream collar



Laima went with another classic standard combo collar.

We are a huge fan of combining blue shades and this petrol x sky blue biothane with silver hardware definitely has our heart.


Would blue be something for you?

Delta's dream collar



Jessica came up with the lovely combination. You can always count on her to go the little extra mile

Sky blue and yellow biothane combined with black hardware works so well in our intertwined collection.


Would you let your dog wear this?

Zoey's dream collar



Cheyanne is a true artist,  this combination is looking incredible!! Who wouldn't want to own this collar?

Navy blue and sky blue intertwined collar with gold hardware never looked so good.


Be honest, you are kinda jealous;)


Qui-gon's dream collar



Maja put together this gorgeous foresty collar. To me it feels like the perfect combination to go hiking in a dreamy forest.

Orange and dark green combined with rose gold hardware in our standard combo collar.


Can you already imagine how good it would look?

Nessa's dream collar



Christine went with this gorgeous girly collar and I absolutely loving it!

Our intertwined collection with a white base and a coral braid, let's be honest, it's stunning.


Are you into girly collars?

Samba's dream collar



You can always count on Louise to give you a super classy yet fabulous collar

Double braided collars are her go-to and this dark brown base with a white braid, gold rhinestones and hardware are just a must have in every collection 


Could you see your dog rocking this one?

Nyx's dream collar

Veronica put together this dreamy collar, to me it feels like walking on clouds

Our double braided collar with a sky blue base, coral braid and light pink rhinestones works so well.


Are you already dreaming of this collar to be on your furry friend?

Monsy's dream collar



Judith went with her version of Monsy's fur.

Our double braided collar in dark brown and white with black hardware is very classy and a perfect fit to Monsy his spotted coat.


Do you love our spotted friends?