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Why using a handsfree leash is game changing

Published on 21 September 2022 at 11:25

Great for sniffing



When using the first O-ring ( the one furthest away from the collar ), you'll create a leash with a lenght of approx. 2m


Giving your fluffs the oppurtunity to explore during the walk and use their brain while sniffing away!


Ending your walk with a content doggy and human

Handsfree walk


Handsfree walkies for big and small doggies!

I personally take my doggies everywhere with me; the shops, restaurants,...


Using the second O-ring ( the one in the middle ) you create a handsfree leash that you can wear crossbody, now you can still have both hands free for your shopping and use your bodyweight to hold the dogs.


I use this option all the time and it truly is a game changer.

Safety first


Should you come across a 'dangerous' situation during your walk , you can still create a short leash by using the final O-ring ( the one that is braided into the leash ).


With this shorter leash of approx. 1m you have complete control over your dog and the situation.


We like to believe that our leashes are perfect for every situation and the only one you'll need once you get to use them.

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