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About our Products

Our collars are so easy to clean, a caveman could do it.


Take a bucket of water - warm or cold, adding a bit of dish soap , swish your gear around in the water ( try to keep the buckle out of the water ).

Rinse and allow to air dry.


Unlike leather our collars love water.


Why is biothane better than leather?

it's more durable , cleanable and easier to maintain.


Please note that no collar is indestructible, so check them regularly for wear and replace when necessary.

Wølv collars cannot be held liable for any damage or loss caused directly or indirectly by its products.


Note : our buckles are not made out of stainless steel , this  means that when the buckles get scratches they could rust in combination with water.

Please be aware of this and be carefull when handling the buckles.

Sizes : 16mm - 19mm - 25mm

We have 3 different sizes , most common will be 25mm

Petite collection : standard 16mm 

Medium collection : standard 19mm , can also be made in 16mm

Standard collection : standard 25mm , can also be made in 19mm 


When selecting a standard collar the size will automatically be at 19mm , so please be carefull and choose the right size for your dog.


For bigger dogs we Always recommend 25mm